CentersComputational and applied linguistic research center




 The Center for Computational and Applied Linguistics was founded in 2019. It specializes in computational and corpus linguistics and in the application of modern language technologies in linguistic research, language training and translation. The main research and application unit of the Center is the Laboratory of Language Technologies.  The laboratory is a partner in the national research infrastructure KLADA-BG and is responsible for e-learning in English at NBU, as well as for language courses in the distance programs of the unit.




  • Participation in the development of university, national and international scientific and applied research projects in countries of computational and applied linguistics
  • Creates e-courses and develops distance learning.
  • It offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs from citizens of applied and computational linguistics, language technologies and their applications in specialized professional fields - independently and in school with academic and scientific research of external and private authorities.



Head of the Center:


Prof. Maria Stambolieva, PhD

Building 2/ Office 309  

Phone number: 02/8110 309

e-mail: mstambolieva@nbu.bg



Secretary of the Center:


Yanitsa Docheva

Building 2/ Office 309  

Phone number: 02/8110 617

e-mail: dochevayanitsa@gmail.com