CentersComputational and applied linguistic research center



 The Research Center for Computational and Applied Linguistics (CCAL) was founded in 2019.




  • the development and conducting of undergraduate and graduate learning linguistic programmes with a focus on multilinguality, languages for specific purposes, language technology, translation and interpreting.
  • research in corpus linguistics and contrastive linguistics
  • It offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs from citizens of applied and computational linguistics, language technologies and their applications in specialized professional fields - independently and in school with academic and scientific research of external and private authorities.


The main research unit of the Center is the Laboratory for Language Technology (LLT).

LLT is a partner in the national research infrastructure CLaDA-BG (Bulgarian CLARIN and DARIAH) where it is responsible for the development of multilingual resources.




  • Participation in national and international scientific and applied research projects in the field of computational and applied linguistics.
  • Development and conducting of distance and e-learning course and programmes.
  • Development and administration of undergraduate and graduate education programmes in the field of languages for specific purposes, language technology, translation and interpreting.




Head of the Center:


Associate Professor Dr. Maria Stambolieva

Building 2/ Office 309  

21, Montevideo Str,

1618 Sofia


Phone: +359 2 8110 309

e-mail: mstambolieva@nbu.bg



Secretary of the Center:


Yanitsa Docheva

Building 2/ Office 309  

Phone number: 02/8110 617

e-mail: dochevayanitsa@gmail.com